What is SNS?

Nothing happens until something is sold. Every business must be able to successfully
position and sell products and services. In this sense, organizations in the nanotech arena are no different from traditional technology-driven entities. They must also sell their products to grow their operations and retain their leadership position in the marketplace.

Companies leveraging the power of nanotechnology do have specific challenges to address - from identifying product positioning and promotion strategies to developing and retaining a winning sales force. SNS offers services unique to companies in the nanotech arena.

A solution may be defined as a success factor that addresses a critical business issue. SNS enables clients to achieve their goals by thoroughly outlining the needs of the enterprise in total. Engaging our clients in strategic dialogue, we help them define a strategy that will yield results and deliver the value of nanotech to the marketplace.

SNS helps you get there. Faster.

Selling Nanotech Solutions (SNS) provides consulting services to organizations leveraging the power of nanotechnology.

We strive to help our customers achieve their business goals at a faster pace. Whether the business need is focused on partnering, positioning, selling or strategy – SNS has the tools and resources to support the complex needs of organizations leveraging the power of nanotechnology. SNS helps customers create value by employing proven tools and techniques that have propelled Fortune 100 businesses and start-ups alike. The unique approach employed by SNS and its methodologies landed one organization on Merrill Lynch’s Index of Nanotechnology Stocks. to solving business challenges that range from developing strategic selling skills in your sales force to consistently exceeding sales goals to preparing for an IPO. Whatever your business need, if you are an organization leveraging the power of nanotechnology, SNS can develop a solution for you.

Our mission is to help organizations leveraging the power of nanotechnology successfully position and sell their products.

Our service offerings include: strategic planning, marketing services, business development/partnerships, sales management strategies, sales education, and cross-functional teaming initiatives.

Let SNS help your business capture growth potential that nanotechnology may be driving in your industry.

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