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  Business Development

Maintaining competitive advantage and defending your products and solutions from commoditization is on the minds of all Chief Executives, company presidents, and business development directors. Likewise, progression of the organization and the freshness of new ideas help keep the excitement factor of the company in the marketplace. Bluewater Consulting’s Business Development solutions will assist you and your company in delivering unique offerings and capabilities to your marketplace. By specializing in developing business alliances and discovering new market opportunities, Bluewater Consulting will be the best partner for your organization’s success. The first step of this methodology is the deployment of Bluewater Consulting’s Business Development Template™.  Bluewater Consulting’s capabilities include:

  • Alliances

  • New Markets

  • Lead Generation

  • Mining and Matching

  • Intellectual Property Transfer

  • Value Creation

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

  • Product Management Support