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  Supply Chain Management

Organizations can no longer rely on that sales and marketing alone will guarantee profits and success. Having the right product in the right place at the right time is essential. It is no longer company versus company, but now it is supply chain versus supply chain. That is, the organization with the most effective and optimized supply chain wins. Bluewater Consulting’s supply chain management (SCM) solutions are essential for any organization that is seeking competitive advantage and demanding a strong value proposition within its industry. Bluewater Consulting has one of the industry’s best integrated strategic solutions and it begins with the Supply Chain Vision assessment. Bluewater Consulting’s capabilities include:

  • Logistics

  • Transportation

  • Carrier Management

  • Inventory Management / WMS

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Demand Planning / Forecasting

  • Fulfillment / eFulfillment

  • JIT / ECR

  • Supply Chain Engineering

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Procurement / MRO

  • Material Handling

  • Distribution / Operations

  • SCM Software and Technology

  • eMarketplaces

  • LLP / 3PL / 4PL